Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dreaming Up the Ideal Dungeon

Currently most of my fun and games take place in my bedroom where my 4-poster bed lends itself nicely as a bondage frame and most of my instruments are kept in the top drawer of a rather large chest.  I also sometimes make use of a solid ring that is in the large solid oak beam in my living room.

While these configurations do allow a wide variety of activities I sometimes feel that it would be nice to have certain items in order to ramp things up a bit and also a dedicated room for them.

So I've been having some fun dreaming up an ideal dungeon and searching for the appropriate furniture on the Internet.


 I've been wanting a cage for sometime now even though this is something that would be used more with a "live-in" submissive or at least one that spent long periods in my home.

The first type of cage that comes to mind is this:

Simple, sturdy, a great place to lock a sub away for the night if I don't plan on using him some other way. I think I would have wheels added so that I could move it around easily even (especially!) when occupied.

 But as I was searching I also came across this Cell Cage that I think would be great in the farthest corner of a dungeon.

One of the advantages of both these cages is that they can be disassembled reassembled easily. I think that's an important criteria for most if not all bdsm furniture.

Bondage Frame

Although I would definitely have the appropriate fixtures allowing me to immobilize and restrain  a submissive in various locations (end positions) installed around the dungeon I think that a good bondage frame is a must. There are 2 that have caught my attention.

 This one offers a lot of flexibility, is quick to pitch and only requires  150cm x 150cm of floor space. (Obviously this would look much better with a submissive male strung up on it).

One of the reasons I prefer this type of thing to a Saint Andrew's Cross is that I like to have easy access to all parts of a submissive, especially if I'm flogging him. This supports up to 120kg.

Another one that caught my attention is the Tetruss Portable Dungeon, Suspension Bondage Rig  that you can see being used in this video.

I think this would be great for outdoor use and parties. It has a bigger footprint than the previous frame; 2m40 triangular. The specs say that it requires 3m x 3m floor space or more, plus a ceiling height of 2m40 minimum.  They also say that it can be assembled by the average sub in 5 minutes. Another interesting thing with this rig is that there is a wide selection of accessories available. It supports up to 300kg so could be used to suspend 2 subs at the same time.

Queening and "Cunni" Chairs

I've been thinking about one of these for quite some time now. The main problem is finding something that is visually pleasing and comfortable as most that I have seen appear to be neither. I think that ideally this item would have to be made to measure.

One that is interesting is this one. It's called the "Burnice" Fun Stool" although I've baptized it the "Cunni Chair". Once again this pic would have been better with a submissive male attached to it, especially as that would leave the part that maintains the submissive's head in place visible.

The last item for today is another one that I've wanted to have for a long time, even though I currently don't have a sub that's into anal in anyway.  

I'm talking about a fucking machine
This particular one has the reputation of being robust. The speed is variable; up to 225 thrusts per minute and it has a 7 inch stroke length. Another feature which makes it a must is the remote. I can see myself sitting facing a sub, enjoying myself immensely as I play with the remote and look into his eyes while he's getting his arse pounded.  

Other items would include racks for my instruments, preferably inside shallow cupboards that can be closed and locked and some security cameras that I could monitor from my laptop for when I want to leave a sub unattended for some time. And of course more toys


  1. Could an ideal dungeon exist without The ideal Mistress You seem to be.