Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Forwarding Address

Just as I was thinking about reviving this blog I receive an email from blogger informing me that they will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content as from March 23rd. As I’m not really sure what they consider as sexually explicit (but they probably won't like the pics of naked subs) I guess it’s better for me to start moving my content now.

It'll probably take me a while to  set up shop the way I want to over there but here's where you'll find me from now on:

What annoys me the most about Google's U-turn is that there may be blogs that I won't be able to access again in the future. I'm thinking particularly of saratoga's excellent blog "On Female Dominance of the male" even though there have been no new posts since December 2011 when he stopped posting, leaving a caretaker in place to keep it alive. I hope a solution will be found to avoid it being lost forever.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Young Pup in his Element

We were blessed with some really beautiful weather last month so my young pup and I took the opportunity to spend some time in a nearby forest. 

Follow proved to be very good at finding secluded spots and it's funny to see him disappear into ferns and brambles only to reappear further along the path with a big smile on his face. He's also very good at beating a path suitable for me to access the chosen spot for our fun and games. He's definitely a good dog in that respect.

Most of our time there was spent on puppy training and it was really lovely to have lots of space to lead him around on my leash. Even better though was being able to have him pee against a tree.

The only inconvenience was that with all the leaves on the ground some toys got left behind. My young pup has been back there a couple of times since (he goes running as often as possible) but hasn't yet seen a squirrel brandishing a riding crop, grin. I must train him to take better care of my belongings.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Today's Mood in Musique

Following today's previous post

The Morning After 24 Hours Non-Stop with My Pet

Although it's not the first time we have been able to spend a day and a night together, it's sufficiently rare for it to be something special, savoured and earmarked.

A busy schedule leaves me little time for writing at the moment so I'm just posting a photo to mark the event.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Busy and Eventful Month in a few Paragraphs

It's been over a month now since my last post and although I've been quiet on the blog front there have been a lot of things going on.

The two day trial with the submissive G was not decisive or perhaps I should say that it was. Not that I could find fault with G; as a submissive he is genuine and I like him as a person. But I felt no physical attraction for him and reading the diary he had started as soon as I had agreed to give him a try revealed that he had hopes of vanilla stuff like cuddling. This prompted me to put an end to things quickly. Not an easy thing to do but we got over it and since then G has renewed with his former Mistress.

This trial of bringing a second sub into the scene has made some things very clear: To start with it's too soon, I've still got a lot to do to make the base solid, my pup still has a lot to learn, and so do I. The other thing is that I need to think more about how other subs can integrate and be integrated in the big picture, bearing in mind that, although my search didn't include anything romantic, I've got all the romantic I could ever dream of.

In the mean time my slave Follow is being true to his slave name. Recent events and opportunities have brought me to a place where I can envisage making my next moves towards my main goals. This involves my moving home several hundred kilometres away before the end of the year. I explained all of this to my pet because I wanted to know if he was really ready to follow me and if so what conditions needed to be provided for. This resulted in a steam of assurances, confessions, more time spent together, small symbolic gifts, more and more opening up and a plead to be tattooed.

The energy from all this is fuelling my progression towards my goals and colouring them at the same time. I can feel the things I desire moving closer and closer, much closer than I'd felt them just a few months ago.

And while things are lining themselves up nicely for my next move forward I've also had opportunities to improve my bondage techniques. During his 2 day stay, I took G to an SM club where a bondage workshop was being held. It turned out that it was shibari where the knots are quite simple (but solid), and symmetry is at best ignored. Whereas most of my efforts have been spent trying to achieve a prettier style more in line with what the two knotty boys teach. I learnt some useful things like how to join to lengths of rope together easily and solidly and some suspension techniques. Although I can't explore the suspension techniques out just yet for want of some very solid, conveniently placed ceiling hooks or better.

I have tried out combining my newly learned techniques with my obsessiveness for symmetry on my young pup and I am pleased with the result. The bigger, less decorative knots are not only easier to tie, they also look good on a male submissive and allow a tighter fit. The bondage starts with rope doubled and worked around the hands before being run up to shoulder-blade height, around my pup's arms and back round to loop round itself and move back in the opposite direction this time slightly lower in order to make the breast area more prominent. Once the solid base providing “hookage” for attaching my pup to a hook in the ceiling was finished, I ran the two ends of the rope separately around his body incorporating more symmetry and aiming to outline different parts of his body. To finish off some simple binding of his legs down to just below his knees prevented him from being able to achieve more than a hobble over to where I was to string him up before adding nipple clamps. He was in heaven, he could hardly move, couldn't see anything and had no choice but undergo any torturing or teasing inspired by seeing him there like that while I sat working on my computer, just a riding crop's length away.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Quick Update

Things have been a bit busy since my last post. I got back from a short break in Turkey a couple of days ago and have just been to meet my 4th grandchild who was born early this morning. I also have a second submissive, another G, so from now on I will refer to my young pub as “Follow”, the slave name I chose for him last year. In this part of the world, the first letter of a dog's name corresponds to the year of birth. Last year it was “F” and I'd decided that my slave must follow me without me overly worrying about the accursed hows. Recent events have once again confirmed my belief that he will indeed follow me where I intend to go.

But back to my new submissive, G. I met him at a play party over a month ago although I didn't play with him at all. He systematically came and sat at my feet whenever the occasion presented itself and generally made him self useful getting me drinks, lighting my cigarettes and holding an ashtray for me. Not particularly good looking but pleasant and obviously trying to charm me and gain my favours for something more serious than a spanking session.

The request to be allowed to apply for consideration (translation of some flowery French) arrived a few days later by e-mail. He lives a long way away from me and I've no idea how he will fit in with my plans but real service orientated subs aren't that easy to find. So I explained the current situation and told him that although I had no idea how it could work out with the distance, and more importantly, our differences in fetish tastes, I would give him a chance.

So far it's been too virtual for me in spite of flowers for Valentine's day, numerous e-mails and almost daily phone calls. However the next two days should help me to get a better idea while showing him what I expect from a submissive male. He's arriving tomorrow morning and staying until Friday evening. 

I feel I have to be very careful here as he is obviously falling for me in a big way. So the quicker I can evaluate whether there is really a match or not, the better.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday evening my young pup surprised me by announcing that he's been working on his English for the last two months. This was during an exchange of text messages during one of his rest periods as he's on service. I'm not a great fan of texting but it does allow us to stay in contact more easily and it allows him to communicate more freely than when actually in my presence. It also has the added advantage of allowing me to reread and transcribe the most interesting parts of a conversation after the fact. It's very useful for picking up on things that I might have missed during a phone conversation and in this case for sharing here some snippets.

And so, he announced that he's been working on his English because he believes that I deserve to own a dog who is cultivated, and after I had thanked and congratulated him he started to text in English:

"Thank you very much. i am your slave and it is a great honour."

To this I replied that I'm sure that hearing him say that to me with his French accent will surely be an even greater turn on, his response:

"i don't know, you will make me shy if i speak to you in english."

Knowing him it probably will. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking on how to help him on this. His shyness is very sweet but it sure complicates things at times.

And so it continued:

"ok i imagine that i leave you alone to look at your film. I'm going to take a shower mistress."

"i am your dog. If you need to say to me something, i am here for you."

"Never mind I don't sleep yet. Would you like to talk a little?"

"I am in bed"

"right, yes i finish my work, i go at home only tomorrow, i wear only a tee shirt, je peux le retirer, excuse me i don't know to say it."

"Thank you but i have to practice more and more; i am naked. I belong to you, you are my new life"

"when i feel your hands on my body, on my skin, I fall in love"
"so i had a hard-on. You like very much to make me have a hard-on. So it could be wonderful and fascinating if i often could have a hard-on every day."

"You also seduce me each time, it's great; i have no regret, no fear with you. I trust in you. I feel very well with you."

"In this moment, i don't have a hard-on, but in my mind, i am very excited by you. I can't resist. There is no doubt, i am your dog."

"It is hard to be not with you. You deserve a good dog, so I do my best."

"Have a good night and sweet dreams, you are a wonderful Mistress."

So there is room for improvement. But I'm just over the moon that he's making the effort to learn through his own initiative. I find it very significant and it fits in very nicely with my plans. And last but not least, his messages are just as sweet in English as they are in French.